On the occasion of our 40th anniversary we have prepared special discounts on books. You pay only 40% of the price for selected titles of the IRSA publications.
Today we start our special offer on

Creighton E. Gilbert, “L’arte del Quattrocento. Nelle testimonianze coeve”

The book includes a wide-range collection of primary sources – such as correspondence, treatises, diaries, contracts by artists, their patrons, and other contemporaries – on the role of the art and the artist in fifteenth-century Italy.

Now 39.6 euro

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Other books on our special anniversary offer are 

Craig Hugh Smyth, Mannerism and ‘Maniera’

“Craig Smyth’s book offers particular ways of thinking about the relationship between the classic and the antique in the mid-sixteenth century, about stylistic patterns, imitation, rule and license. Smith encourages the reader to think of Mannerism as a process, of the Maniera as a discrete style.” (from the Introduction by Elizabeth Cropper)

Now 23.6 euro

More information about the book you can find here.

Jan Białostocki, The Message of Images. Studies in the History of Art

This book, a collection of major essays, provides a representative survey of Jan Białostocki's (1921–1988) studies in the field of iconological research during the last two decades of his life, as well as a comprehensive approach to the interpretation of art.
Now 47.6 euro
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'École de Paris'. Jewish Artists from Poland. The Wojciech Fibak Colection (Kraków), ed. by Józef Grabski

“The collection of Polish art that has been created during the last twenty years by Wojciech Fibak is undoubtedly one of the most interesting assemblages accomplished by a Pole in the 20th c.” (from essay by J. Grabski)
This exhibition catalogue consists full-page colour illustrations presenting all of the exhibited items and essays by Józef Grabski, Władysława Jaworska and Jerzy Malonowski.
Now 21.6 euro
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For everyone who will buy one of mentioned book we have special gift – archival first issue of Artibus et Historiae (No 1 / 1980).

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