A meeting with Chinese art historians from the University of Shanghai at the offices of the IRSA Institute for Art Historical Research.


On the invitation of the IRSA Foundation, as a part of a long-standing partnership with Chinese scholars, IRSA’s offices were visited by Chinese art historians who work on a paper on Chinese art, to be published in the journal Artibus et Historiae.


Thanks to the contacts of the IRSA Institute for Art-Historical Research and the University of Shanghai, Ms Chen Shujun, a doctoral student supervised by Prof. Pan Yaochang, started research on Polish film poster. As a result of the mutual efforts, Ms Chen Shujun was has been granted a two-year scholarship to pursue her research in Poland and write the dissertation. Previously she organised in Shanghai a comprehensive exhibition of the ‘Polish school’ of poster art. The exhibition toured a few large university cities in China, disseminating the achievements of Polish artists in the art of poster design.


On the photograph from the left: Sun Zhongli – deputy director of the Confucius Institute in Cracow, Dr Józef Grabski, Prof. Pan Yaochang – Shanghai University, Prof. Li Chao – College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.