The sixth edition of the Artelibro – Art Book Festival took place in the very heart of Bologna, the Palazzo di Re Enzo e del Podestà in Piazza Maggiore. The festival has recently enjoyed a growing popularity. The first edition of the festival attracted 22,000 visitors, whereas in 2008 the number reached 35,000 thousand. Book experts, collectors and book lovers from Italy and abroad visit the annual show in Bologna in hope if discovering some “rare birds” and limited editions of books. A large number of visitors constitute specialists professionally interested in the book market: authors, publishers, booksellers, printers, DTP specialists and so on.

In 2009 the book on art played an even more important part in the festival than in previous years. The Palazzo di Re Enzo e del Podestà has yet again witnessed an exceptional event, combining the features of an exhibition and book fair, when books were presented by publishers, antiquaries and booksellers. Next to huge publishing houses, this year’s festival hosted scholarly publishers specialising in the literature on art history and theory.

The Artelibro Festival was, as always, accompanied by numerous additional events, such as panel discussions, lectures and open discussions, which this year dealt with communication and promotion in the international publishing market, as well as with the problems related to book design, graphics and illustration and advertising.

As always, the festival was an opportunity to get acquainted with the current trends on the antiquarian market, for example thanks to the meetings organised as a part of the festival by the ALAI – Associazione Librai Antiquari d’Italia.