IRSA Institute at the 106th Annual Conference of the College Art Association (New York 2017)

On 15–18 February 2017 members of the IRSA Institute For Art Historical Research participated in the 106th Annual Conference of the CAA, as well as the Book and Trade Fair.

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A New Book by IRSA Publishing House

'The Significance of Shape and Colour' is a collection of essays on art, mostly of the Italian Renaissance, written by Dr Józef Grabski, the directror of IRSA Institute for Art Historical Research.

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Andréi Nakov 'Kandinsky. The Enigma of the First Abstract Painting' A New Book of the IRSA Institute

Painted in Munich in 1911, Painting with a Circle is Kandinsky’s first abstract composition - and the first abstract painting in the history of modern art. Yet for long decades it was an enigma for art historians and even for the artist himself, for whom its creation raised complex issues.

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