Andréi Nakov 'Kandinsky. The Enigma of the First Abstract Painting' A New Book of the IRSA Institute

Painted in Munich in 1911, Painting with a Circle is Kandinsky’s first abstract composition - and the first abstract painting in the history of modern art. Yet for long decades it was an enigma for art historians and even for the artist himself, for whom its creation raised complex issues.

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The 35th Anniversary of the IRSA Institute for Art Historical Research

This year IRSA is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its activity. Its founder and director, Dr Józef Grabski, recollects on the origins and development of the IRSA Institute

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'Between East and West: Reproductions in Art' - A New Book of IRSA Publishing House

It is our pleasure to announce that IRSA Publishing House has published the proceedings of the 2013 CIHA colloquium held at the Otsuka Museum of Art in Naruto, Japan, on 15–18 January. Thirty speakers and 133 participants from fourteen different countries took part in this event, which was intended as a continuation of the CIHA colloquium, Japan and Europe in Art History, held in Tokyo in 1991.

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