Старое и Новое. Искусство Витольда Урбановича
Каталог под редакцией Юзефа Грабскиего


Kraków - Warszawa 2004
252 x 232 mm, 204 стр.
35 цветных иллюстраций на отдельных листах., 8 ч/б. иллюстраций на отдельных листах + 20 ч/б и 95 цветных фотографий
ISBN 83-918454-6-X
На обложке: Часть изображения "Золотой", 1960,
смешанная техника на холсте, 118 х 120 см


Catalogue of an exhibition of paintings and drawings of Witold Urbanowicz (b. 1931) held at IRSA Fine Art in Warsaw. Urbanowicz is an artist who, for over half a century, has been faithful to painting; an artist convinced — contrary to popular opinions — that it is just “painting that always wins. It goes through crises but it is revived in another form”. 
The Warsaw exhibition confronts the old and new works of Witold Urbanowicz. Shown were both works dating from the period of matter painting, as well as from the recent years. Both groups were presented in relation to drawings, thus documenting changes of Urbanowicz's artistic concepts throughout over half a century of his artistic career. 
In recent years the artist has synthesized his hitherto artistic experiences. He returns to structural painting, combining it with expressive colour and dynamic line, using the language of abstraction to express himself — "cellular" arrangements, calligraphic signs of a non-existing language and the play of crumpled, foaming, relief-like-treated texture. 
All exhibited works are reproduced in full colour in the catalogue, and the essays are accompanied by numerous photographs of the artist and his family. 
TOMASZ GRYGLEWICZ — Colour and Form in the Painting of Witold Urbanowicz 
ANNA BARANOWA — The Intenseness of Witold Urbanowicz's Art 
RAFAŁ SOLEWSKI — Vigour, Rhythm and Ardour 
JANINA KRAUPE — A Side-note to Witold Urbanowicz Exhibition